A Social Platform You Control.

Your digital solution to freedom of speech.

Spend less time worrying and more time growing your audience.

You are a celebrity in your own right and you want to voice your views freely no matter what you have to say. BUT all the big tech social media platforms are censoring your posts or banning you making all that effort you put into building your account and followers go to waste.


Therefore, we build a social platform where the content you share and your list of followers are your sovereign data which you can promote to as you see fit.


Let us help you escape the fact checkers with a social platform for freedom lovers so you can focus on what you do best – bringing truth to light.

Social Platform for Online Freedom Community

Manifest the power of a free social platform

No policing. No restrictions. No limitation.

Empower your community with a social network

Free from policing. Free from algorithms. Choose your features, and set your own rules and guidelines.

Empower Your Community With a Private Social Network
Go Public or Private - You Decide

Go public or private - you decide

With complete freedom over your social platform, choose what you wish to make public and which parts to keep private. Give your followers the freedom to choose how you handle their personal data.

Stress-free monetisation of your brand

Break free from big tech payment processors and their sudden account closures. Create any offer where you choose how to accept and manage payments from your community. Get paid by anything and everything from cryptocurrencies to bank deposits.

Stress Free Monetisation of Your Community
Extend Your Reach With Events

Extend your reach with events

Forget the artificial limitations of standard social media. Host virtual events for your community and livestream your events inside your groups. Accept payments for tickets directly on your website.

Interested in what else you can do?

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Here's How It Works

3 Steps to a Freedom-Loving Platform

1. Schedule an Appointment

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2. Get a Customised Proposal

You deserve a personalised proposal that meets your brand’s specific needs — and options that fit your budget. 
You’ll never feel like just a number.


3. See Your Community Grow

As we implement your custom community connections solution, you’ll stop feeling worried and start having a voice without restrictions. (Grow your following!) 
You will love your no-holds barred social platform.

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Ready to experience freedom of speech without limits?

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