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Tired of figuring out how to best portray your brand?

You have big dreams for your business or community and you want your brand to outshine your competitors. But you’re worried that the investment you make might go to waste if it isn’t powerfully aligned to your target market.


Now you can convey the dynamic, professional image you’ve always wanted to with a brand identity that converts prospects to customers, and loyal raving fans.


Collaborate with an agency that will help you create the best first impression, so you can focus on what you do best – impress your customers.

Branding that Converts

Brand Strategy and Design Services

Clarify your brand message and define your brand identity with our suite our branding services.

Brand Strategy by Siliceous Solutions

Brand Strategy

Develop brand architecture with a plan that outlines how you will build rapport and how your target market will will identify your brand.

Typography by Siliceous Solutions


Align your brand messaging with your brand's personality with fonts and typefaces that convey the values and tone of your brand.

Colour Palette by Siliceous Solutions

Colour Palette

Improve brand recognition and generate positive response with colours that represent your brand, using the psychology of colour.

Logo Design by Siliceous Solutions

Logo Design

Strengthen the foundation of your brand identity with a well-designed logo that grabs the attention of your customer base.

Word or Brand Mark by Siliceous Solutions

Word or Brand Mark

Communicate non-verbally with symbolic imagery and a supportive brand element that helps customers identify your brand at once.

Iconography by Siliceous Solutions


Simply complex ideas and translate messages with guideline-defined icons that are consistent with the entire brand experience.

Social Media Profile Graphics by Siliceous Solutions

Profile Graphics

Shape the way your brand is perceived and influence purchase decisions with thoughtfully designed images and graphics.

Packaging Design by Siliceous Solutions

Packaging Design

Showcase your brand with a visual identity and design concept for the inner and outer packaging of brand's products.

Interested in what else we can do?

Find out more about the service that pays for itself today!

Cultivate brand loyalists like there's no tomorrow

Create genuine impact and build lasting relationships with those who matter the most.

Manifest your visual identity

Create a unique interactive experience with a website that flows naturally using navigation that makes sense while presenting content that is relevant to your visitors.

Provide a frictionless browsing experience
Mobile friendly responsive design

Embody your brand story


With close to 60% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, having the frontend of your website completely mobile-responsive on smartphones and tablets is crucial to the success of your business.

Attract your ideal customers

Using our experience in marketing automation, implement strategic efforts throughout your website which enable the collection of leads, improves engagement and increases conversion rates. We can help with crafting your brand’s story that converts more leads to sales.

Convert more visitors to leads
Build on a rock solid backend

Illuminate your brand

Our CMS of choice is WordPress. Used by over 40% of the top 10 million websites in the world, it is a robust and highly flexible publishing system with thousands of dedicated plugin authors and theme developers.

How We Work

5 Steps to Defining Your Brand

1. Schedule an Appointment

We will meet with you to define what your brand is about and answer all your questions. 
Your initial consultation is free.


2. Define Trends, the Market & Stakeholders

Get a bird’s eye view of your competitors, define your ideal customer, current and potential audiences.
Know why you are different and build on your USP.


3. Brand Essence, Personality & Concept

We capture the essence of your brand values and mission by exploring various ideas and putting together moodboards to create potential concepts for your brand.
Life is breathed into your brand.


4. Brand Message & Story

Incorporating the wealth of knowledge we have gathered about your brand, together we will compile and tell your brand’s story.
Transmutation of ideas into words.


5. Brand Documents

Finally, we create your brand’s documents – style guide, blueprint, etc.
You will love seeing your vision turn into reality.

How We Work - Branding

Happy Clients


", efficient and helpful. I loved their great communication, helpful suggestions and useful tools to keep our task on track. They even finished a week ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend them."


"Pam is amazing, understands non tech explanations and turns them into the right result. I would recommend her every time. She is gentle, personable and always has your best interests in mind. Her professional approach and persistent questioning gets to the heart of your needs and ideas. Thank you so much for answering my task! Highly recommend Pam to everyone."


"OMG!...WOW! Prior to my meeting with them if you had have told me you knew an IT person that understands business models, listens to what you are trying to achieve, articulates the solution back to me in a way a non IT person can understand, then translates that into a digital solution, I would have thought you were it turns out...I was naive. Anyone in business who needs someone that gets your business, speak to Pam."

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