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The Founder

Siliceous Solutions is a leader in digital solutions consultancy and training for businesses seeking to build online marketing engines.

Founded by Pam K, an entrepreneur, consultant, author and strategic coach, our relentless focus on keeping our clients happy and successful is what drives us. Our clients love us for our honesty, integrity and a real desire to want to see you thrive.

We’ve helped countless businesses in Australia reduce business chaos, save on administrative costs, increase their revenue and their return on investment.

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Our Mission

We absolutely love productivity and efficiency software which help improve conversion rates, lower adminstrative costs and increase your ROI. We believe the customer lifecycle process, in general, is broken. From business software to Microsoft Office to Google Workspaces, there needs to be some way to bring it all together.

For us, it’s all about results. It is this purpose which makes us innately curious. We want to, need to and have to learn everything about you and your goals, your business and its industry, and your target audience. Our strategies and approach focus on improving your business and our processes help our clients be more confident “doers” so as to be better prepared for the results we deliver.

Whether it’s for project or task management, capturing, nurturing and converting prospective leads, reducing the chaos of integrating data from one platform to another, or re-branding, our goal is to make your business more productive and more profitable.

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